Pier 1 Marina and Poolside Grille

PIer 1's Marina The Pier 1 Marina experience is the newest addition to the diversed range of quality services already offered by Pier 1. Pier 1 Marina offers state-of-the-art boat stacking and optimum levels of covered security for the storage of your power boat. You can benefit from additional on-site conveniences and quality service for our members including:
  • Out-hauling mechanical launch services for the quick, easy and efficient launch of your watercraft
  • Our specialized capacity and maneuverability equipment - Wiggins Forklift Systems, can handle vessels up to 40 ft. and weighing up to 22,000 lbs. Wiggins is the most recognized name in the industry for out-hauling equipment and technology, ensuring safe and secure stacking of your watercraft
  • Covered storage to protect your vessel from the effects of intense weathering
  • Water and prep facilities for ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Spacious jetty, loading / landing depot as well as poolside Grille with on-site entertainment for the entire family. Catering for 'Down the islands' parties, 'Ready-to-go' meals, ice, drinks and cooler packs available
  • Pool and playground facilities: Enquire about utilizing poolside for special events, celebrations with full access to Pier 1's facilities
  • Secure parking facilities: Adequate and secure parking for you and your guests

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