Sail on the Supreme 'C/Prowler'

Pier 1 C/Prowler is ideal for any corporate or casual event. Come and experience the ultimate in luxury as our vessel transforms itself to accommodate your every need. Ideally configured to host any event, our services range from corporate staff cruises, wedding receptions, educational cruises, party cruise, fund raisers and all day cruises down the islands. Whether it’s a day cruise or a night cruise our vessel can cater to your every need.

Our vessel has a open deck located on the upper floor where you can enjoy the view whilst on your journey along the coastline. The C/Prowler travels around the five island. The five islands are actually a group of six small islands, Caledonia Island, Craig Island (Craig and Caledonia are joined by a man made causeway ) Lenagan Island, Nelson Island, Pelican Island and Rock Island. For those who enjoy a sea bath you can enquire about our 6 hour all day cruises where our vessel docks at Chacachacare and guest can relax in the peaceful serenity of the island or enjoy a swim in the calm cool waters. For the nature lovers you can enjoy the scenic view whilst hiking to the lighthouse on Chacachacare. Persons are required to contact the Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) to be granted access to the island, whereby a fee must be paid before entry.

For those who just want to unwind and enjoy themselves, party the night away on the upper deck while travelling the coastline enjoying the night lights of the busy city of Port of Spain. Our fully stocked bar is located on both the open deck and lounge area, which is fully air conditioned.


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